Cormega Drops EP after Two-Year Hiatus


After a two-year hiatus, Cormega has practically come out of nowhere, delivering a new project which definitely should be in consideration for one of the best projects of 2018!! The Queensbridge street legend dropped an EP called Mega the day after Christmas and it’s 🔥.

The five-song collection is produced entirely by Grammy-winning hitmaker Street Runner and has only one guest appearance, veteran rapper-producer Havoc of Mobb Deep infamy on the song “Live Your Best Life” a song where Cormega tackles the complexities of street life and touches on the racial disparity of the judicial system. Cormega has also included the instrumentals of the five songs so you can spit your own lyrics on them.

Every song on the project is soulful and offers authenticity rarely seen in today’s music climate with the intro track “Say No More” being a confirmation of the depth of Cormega’s evoloution as a man and the difference between his and contemporary peers with lines such as “I’m a different cloth/ no similar fabric exist in rappers” which resonates. Very few emcees have the depth, intelligence, musical aptitude to create such an astute project.

On songs such as “Empty Promises” he offers advice for those who dare venture into the “street life” with memorable bars such as “will take the weight when they need consignment/ but won’t take the weight of a secret indictment”, advice from an elder statesman without being preachy, more so a glimpse into the harshness of a drug dealing reality that only someone who had experienced could arrive at such a wise conclusion.

The other tracks such as “Genuine Article” where he discusses the theme of not needing validation and the inspirational “On Everything” make the brevity of it this projects only flaw!!

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