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Ja Rule is the Undisputed King of Queens


50 Cent made his claim to fame by criticizing Ja Rule for how he was manuvering in the entertainment industry and then started moving the exact same way.  Whether it was 50 Cents emulation of “sing-songy” pop records or pursuing a career in acting, Jeffery Atkins was the innovator.

Public perception would lead many to believe that Ja Rule’s career was ended by 50 Cent. Truthfully, Ja Rule has sold about 4 million more records than 50 Cent.  Not to mention the fact that hip-hop fans have made little out of the protective order that 50 Cent filed with police after being beaten up by Murder Inc.

The truth of the matter is that Ja-Rule made timeless music and that someone who envied the position he was in came along and accused him of not being authenic. However, if you research what actually occurred, 50 Cent is the one who lacks credibility. While Ja-Rule’s label was harassed by the Feds, has served time in prison, rebranded himself, and is currently on tour. Overcoming adversity and never being a “snitch” like his nemesis, makes him the King of Queens!! If we are being honest, I’d rather hear a new Ja Rule album than a 50 Cent project these days!!

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