Oh Christmas Weed Oh Christmas Weed

How lovely is your headrush. Tonight I am doing something we all need to participate in and that my friends is meditating for the chaos. I am somewhere tropical (in my mind) drinking hot chocolate I am envisioning as a margarita. 4 hours and 20 minutes which makes perfect sense considering I am four twentying myself til all hell breaks lose for santas little helpers. Packing and wrapping and tieing last minute buying deciding Christmas is going to be the 28th this year. I swear to you our alter egos or in my life I refer to them as my hoho holiday friends come out and press the gas pedal of anxiety to the floor. Hoho makes it sound like I got some big booty beauties coming arouns but these hos do le no justice but break my bank minus the action. Never paid for a women just to make that clear they juat flock to me….thats besides the point. Hoho hobo whatever holiday bullshit ends tonight. We deserve a puff or a sugar cookie. Preferably both. Maybe a splash of rose or liter of jack. Whichever your poison is let it seduce you into a stress free sleep that hopefully lasts long enough to make it through the Chirstmas 24 hour shift ahead. Prepare the best . Prepare mainly for the worst. But enjoy your holidays and then make SURE you reward yourself. Whether your the mom cooking at 3 am for a room of 40 people whom 30 you dont recognize. If your the dad getting yelled at by the mom busting her vagina off to keep things the way she wants(which today is the right way) take the kid kids dog cat whatever needs to be taken into the other room. Into the other room. We cant be perfect on Christmas but play your roll and enjoy your day off and family time to the fullest. Dont go to over the top because remember you have to clean up. Or your wife does. But enjoy your holidays. Its time we enjoy at least one. And this one is my one. I thank everybody for supporting me and hope to inspire as many as I can with my sarcastic possitive remarks that land a few smiles and that is my only goal. We are all reaching the stars just stand on your tiptoes and get that Silver star at the top of your tree.

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