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Interview with HBCU Student Kyle McMurtry About His Inspirational Children’s Book

Howard University has a long list of notable alumni who have made great contributions to their community such as Thurgood Marshall, Taraji P. Henson, and now future generations will know the name Kyle McMurtry. McMurtry hails from Detroit and is a Junior (political science major) at the ‘Mecca’ of black education. His first book is called “Henry’s Going to an HBCU” an encouraging story of a brother and sister, sure to inspire the next generation of HBCU scholars.

Henry's Going to an HBCU Cover Art

Cover art for Henry’s Going to an HBCU.

Ryan Glover: You grew up in Detroit. Did you always want to attend an HBCU? Did you consider some of the local institutions? What made you decide to specifically attend Howard University?

Kyle McMurtry: Both of my parents are Howard alumni, so I was very aware of the school at a young age. But getting close to high school graduation I did get quite a few full-ride scholarship offers to schools in Michigan (Michigan State, Wayne State), those were very enticing offers and Howard didn’t offer comparable scholarships, I got a few but nothing that substantial. I applied for lots of scholarships and was able to get enough to cover my first couple years of attending Howard. It was a lot of hard work, but I don’t regret it.

Ryan Glover: I found out about your book through one of your tweets where you said publishing is similar to being an independent rapper, how so?

Kyle McMurtry: (laughs) I was being pretty facetious, but just the idea of doing everything myself. A publishing company doesn’t cover all the marketing, advertising, things like that. I don’t have much background knowledge in marketing/advertising. I minored in business but I haven’t taken really thorough marketing classes just yet. I put most of the marketing into social media, a lot of hands on outreach, one on one conversations, and the same way soundcloud rappers talk to people with their links. I understand their plight in getting support.

Ryan Glover: Your a political science major. Do you have any aspirations of running for political office in the future?

Kyle McMurtry? That’s actually a good question. For quite awhile I did. At this point I’m kind of inclined to work behind-the-scenes. I wouldn’t dismiss the idea down the line in the future, if the timing is right. I’m more interested in writing political philosophy and developing policy, not as an elected official but as a member of someones cabinet or as an advisor.




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