Ebro Claims He is For Justice or is it Ratings?


Everyone has seen the interview on Hot 97 with Ebro antagonizing Kodak Black. An the conversation was going well into Ebro bought up Kodak’s sexual assault allegations, which in and of itself was fair game. However, Kodak answered the question and Ebro doubled down and ended the interview and said what he has said many times “no one is going to tell him what he can discuss on his show”. Even co-host Paul Rosenberg knew it was a tense situation when he attempted comically difusing the situation and discussing whether the moon landing was fake.

Watching Hot 97 Ebro asks some well thought out questions and probably is one of the best interviewers in hip-hop at times. However, it is times he appears close minded. Take for instance when he told the story of Kanye West attempting to reach Colin Kaepernick to invite him to the White House his response “we not doing that”. Kaepernick is a grown man.  Ebro’s arrogance one day will cost him, remember the biblical saying “pride comes before the fall.”

I get the idea that artists need to be held accountable but after his diatribe it showed that Ebro was doing what Kodak Black claimed, using Kodak’s pain as entertainment. If Ebro was really about getting a balanced conversation he would have changed the subject and continued the conversation opposed to alienating many of the younger viewers who view Ebro as a government agent.

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