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Pats in a time machine vs. Our present day Goat.

Lets take it back to the 70s and 80s Patriots before we got blessed with the dynamic duo Tom Brady and Bill Belichick . There were aluminium seats at the Shaper Stadium. Being more aggressive was acceptable. Not many teams had good kickers back in the day but we sure as fuck did. Smith and Patrick were kickers who were both phenomenal and definetly effective. Jim pluncket and Steven Rogen were amazing quarterbacks ( nothing compared to our Brady but close) . Brady will go down in history forever. In my opinion New England Pats are legendary. Even once he retires we will flourish. Its a given. We are the best, being born and raised here myself has nothing to do with it. We have had Hog Hanner ( a great defender). We still have good defense but back then as stated above it was more aggresive. Bill Incudus was a genius and held a job as a dentist while also being a Patriot. We have some of the most successful people on our teams always. Both physically and mentally. A few hiccups here and there. I have so much to say we will turn this into 2 posts. One after a quick 8 hour shift. Margaritas and Allagash serving . Here we go.

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