NCAA Ruins Fun Yet Again

I would like to start by saying although this is going to be about college football, it will not be about the playoff. It’s an incredibly flawed system that I could rant about for hours, but today I want to talk about the other 4 “New Year’s Six Bowls” and why we are getting the worst matchups possible.

I know that bowl games are made up of certain conferences playing each other, at large bids, and some other nonsense. However, what should matter is the quality of the product they are putting out. What we are getting is not of a high quality.

We are getting Florida v. Michigan, Georgia v. Texas, LSU v. UCF, and Ohio State v. Washington. This is arguably the least interesting matchups that can be made with these 8 teams. Now let me tell you what would have been better, and why. I’ll give you the best football matchups using the same teams.

Florida v. Texas

If you do not want to see this game then you are crazy. What I would have nicknamed the “Nostalgia Bowl”. These two programs have not been good since Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow were stars on the college football field. It would take us back to a time when CTE was a well covered up theory instead of a very real fear. A rematch of the 2010 National Championship would have been watched by all. These teams aren’t just competitive again. They are really fucking good. A good Texas team is good for football. A good Florida team is an opportunity to talk a about Tim Tebow. It’s a win/win.

Georgia v. Ohio State

This would have been an awesome game. The first two teams out battling for the right to complain about not getting into the top 4. Georgia only has two losses, one a week 1 fluke. The other a loss to the best team in the country in a down to the wire game. Ohio State was murdering teams all year. The only blemish on their record being one terrible game against Purdue. These two teams had hopes of making the playoffs and fell short. Watching them duel it out would be some great football.

UCF v. Washington

Now this game is a good matchup only because both teams are overrated. I have been so high on UCF for the past two years, but they do not have their quarterback. You can not just plug and play at the QB spot. They barely escaped the conference championship game. This is not the same team that has yet to lose a game in recent memory. On the other side rivalry weekend really fucked up the plans this year. The Pac12 was not good. The only team of Matabele talent being Washington State. Their rivalry weekend loss elevated Washington, who became champion as a result of a crappy division, not because of dominant team. UCF’s lack of a QB gets cancelled out by Washington’s lack of veins very good team. The result being an evenly matched game.

LSU v. Michigan

LSU is a textbook SEC team. Though not even a top 3 team on their conference they are still a good football team. They can play defense and score points. Michigan is objectively better, but led by choke artist head coach Harbaugh, they will play down to LSU’s level. This would be a close game. Probably a lot of penalties. Maybe even a fight and some suspension, as the frustrated athletes take their aggression out on one other.

These games will not happen because the NCAA does not want the fans to be happy. They thrive on disappointing fans and exploiting children.


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