Kareem Hunt Ruined my Life

What Kareem Hunt did was fucking awful. It’s depressing that this happened months ago and nothing happened to Hunt as a result of it until a video was leaked. Someone definitely knew the exact details of the incident and was just hoping a video never surfaced. Kareem Hunt deserves everything coming his way.

As a star athlete Hunt’s actions do not just impact himself. They impact his teammates, the people involved, the fans, the children that looked up to him, and most importantly his actions impact me.

My fantasy team was absolutely humming this year. I had one loss in recent weeks and that was the Chiefs bye week. Other than that I was bulldozing through teams. I have been shit talking and belittling everyone all year, but now I’m totally fucked. Some asshole already had Spencer Ware so I couldn’t snag the back up. No one will trade with me because they enjoy seeing me fail. So now I’ll be starting Duke Fucking Johnson with the playoffs starting next week. It’s a 12 team league, so there are no viable waiver wire options.

I need some magic to happen for me to back up my months of shit talking. I imagine that Kareem Hunt will be making a lot of apologies soon. All I’m saying is that when he starts making those calls my name should be near the top of the list.


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