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If we could go back.

Do you have regrets? For instance last night waking up with a raging headache and a misplaced phone. Thats just a taste. For some people there isn’t just a second they don’t regret. Living just to survive but hiding in plain site. Continue. Don’t let the past eat you like the crispiest cheesy bread with garlic dipping sauce. Work. Work til your hands bleed ( or fall off for us writers ) . Educate. Whether you can only afford a trip to the library put forth effort. Take an online course whether to certify yourself in a field your interested or attend a physical college it doesnt have to be full-time . We all are born with a gift. Dont let regrets bind you to your past. Your needed somewhere RIGHT now. Go where you need to be . Light up your life with your own success. Start RIGHT now.

Philicia Ciriello


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