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Bud Light Does What Bud Light Wants

I would just like to take a minute to address the aggressive campaign Bud Light is currently running and how I absolutely love it.

So if you all remember a couple years ago Bud Light’s slogan was “Here We Go”. Pretty bland in all honesty. Basically saying drink Bud Light. Have a good time. Just your run of the mill beer slogan with average commercials.

Fast forward to last year when they began this whole medieval campaign. That’s when “Dilly Dilly” was born.

Quick tangent on Dilly Dilly. Even though it is not the point of my article today it’s deserves some extra attention. It’s a nonsense phrase that we all had a great time with. I sincerely hope Dilly Dilly becomes a staple of Bud Light marketing for the next century. There were t shirts. We annoyed bartenders. It was a grand old time. At that point I thought Bud Light had won commercials. The peak of advertising was not Mad Men, but instead this one commercial from a beer company. There was no topping it.

Boy oh boy was I wrong. This year Bud Light completely stopped giving a shit. They started tagging the end of their commercials with “For The Many, Not The Few”. Translated into plain terms. The are saying “Fuck you if you don’t drink Bud Light. No one likes you”. I found this to be fucking amazing, because it spoke to me on the deepest of levels. People who do not drink Bud Light are not trustworthy people. They are not likable people. They are the absolute worst. If someone offers you a Bud Light and you turn it down because you “don’t like bud light” then I probably will never respect you.

In a time where everyone is afraid to speak, because they are worried someone’s feelings will get hurt, Bud Light is the hero we need. Insulting every single person who does not buy their product and not giving a shit what people think. That right there is how you build a beverage empire.

Side note, although Bud Light didn’t pay me to write this, I will gladly accept any product or merchandise that any Bud Light rep who stumbles upon this article may want to send me.


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