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Soooooo….first blog evahh and im typing how I tawk. No seriously this is the first one. Has anyone actually been to a sox game sober? Next game I SWEAR (middle fingers cuz pinkys dont swear) Ill try to max out at 3 . Jack and cokes that is 😉  Im excited to be a part of the packie because i stop there on my way home from work anyway so theres gotta be some sorta coincidence. My blogs are gonna go viral just so you know. Just you wait. Whomever you are. I see you. At least the you in front of me. Which isnt you cuz im in bed discovering this is actually supposed to be somewhat professional. Whoops long day . Ttyl as the preemies say. You will be reading much more of my brain tomorrow. Believe me theres some weird shit in there .


Licia Ciriello


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