Gincarlo Stanton is currently redefining what it means to suck.

In the offseason, slugger Gincarlo Stanton was acquired by the New York Yankees from the Miami Marlins. While the MLB season is very young, Stanton doesn’t just look bad, he looks like a completely different player.

Stanton has been so bad that he became the “first player in the live ball era to have two games with 0 hits and 5 strikeouts in the same season.” Don’t you love when someone getting paid $25-mil this year does something that anybody reading this article could do?

Despite having hits in his last two games, as of this writing, Stanton is batting .235 with 23 of his 51 at bats ending in strikeouts. This is obviously due to a couple factors. Primarily, he’s just pressing too hard at the plate. This isn’t Miami. He knows he’s in a much larger market with a bigger stage. He will also face better pitching.

I’m no Yankees fan, but I’m also realistic. Nobody in New York should be blowing the panic whistle yet. This is his ninth season in the big leagues, and he has never hit fewer than 22 HR’s. I  certainly don’t think he will start now.

While I believe his numbers will be down from last season as he transitions in the American League, he is still going to hit somewhere between 30-35 HR’s. Personally, I would still consider that a bit of a disappointment for a guy getting paid $25-ml this season, but he will get better.

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