Throw Back Article – Sox win the World series – I loose 1000 Dollars



It seems like every time a Boston team makes it to the finals in their sports, it ends up costing me a fortune. It’s the price to pay being a die-hard Boston fan i guess. In 2007 when the Sox made it to the World Series, it cost 650 for 1 ticket, plus another couple 100 in hats, t-shirts and all that jazz. Bruins cost me 500 for 1 ticket plus another 100 for goods. That year I even went to the first couple rounds of the playoffs so that cost me too. The Patriots at the Superbowl? I got lucky on this one. paid face value for an 800 dollar ticket, drinks, gifts and a food for the weekend probably got me close to 1200. The Celtics I luck out because I have season tickets so I didn’t get raped, which leads me to think I should just get season tickets for all the Boston teams and I wouldn’t have to sell my body for money. The Sox winning this year cost me about 1000 dollars. 330 for the World Series ticket, 200 for the AlCS tickets, shirts, t-shirts, lots of beer and booze and the hooker I got to celebrate the win, I’m kidding of course, I wouldn’t spend money for more than 1 ALCS ticket :) As much as I enjoy the Boston teams winning, but I will need to get a 4th job. Go Boston teams, thank god the Revs loss in the playoffs.


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