Jennifer Lawrence should go to jail for violating a very import FAA regulations


Jennifer Lawrence should go to jail for violating a very import FAA regulations. If you didn’t hear, Sunday before the Super Bowl, Lawrence, an Eagles fan (so she says) decided it was a good idea to get up and grab the intercom of the plane without asking anyone during her New Orleans to LA flight. She then proceeded to say the stupid Eagles chant (incorrectly I have been told) over the plane’s intercom.

No one was very interested in this. In fact, everyone looked annoyed as fuck. First of all, it’s a Nola to LA flight, who the fuck on there is an Eagles or for that matter a Patriots fan? What you probably have is a bunch of pissed off Saints and Rams fans who were in the playoffs and ended up losing, yes both NFC teams too, you know the conference your stupid Eagles are in J Law. If this was anyone else, the plane would have landed and that person would have been wrestled to the ground and thrown in jail and I think the same should happen to Jennifer Lawrence. Don’t fuck with airplanes these days, NOT COOL.

the plane while she was breaking the law

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