Red Sox Please Stop with this Truck Day Bullshit

Red Sox can we please stop trying to fool the small amount of die hards that are left? I was once a die hard Red Sox fan, but over the last few years with the cock tease teams that have been put on the field, I’m slowly starting to loose interests. There was a day where I dreamed to be a season ticket holder. I was on the list and couldn’t wait for the call. Now they call me monthly begging me to be a ticket holder. They been doing this for 3 years now. I can get tickets cheaper on Stubhub then pay face value, so thank you anyways. The Red Sox were once my number one Boston team, today they are number 3, leading only the Bruins (and if the B’s keep playing the way they are, the Red Sox might be an ass hair ahead of the Revolution). I don’t like being bullshitted and this whole truck day is nothing but another stupid ownership gimmick. You are telling me that the balls, bats, gum and jock straps that they ordered to Boston and are putting on that truck couldn’t get direct shipped to Ft. Myers? Your telling me there are no fucking bats at the spring training facility that YOU OWN?! STOP!!!!!! Please you are killing me with all this bullshit. Just play fucking baseball and maybe win a playoff game. Each stupid gimmick is making me start to hate you. You want to get me to act like Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch again, then lower your stupid prices on everything, make better player moves and make the Red Sox lovable again and stop getting shit shipped to Boston and then get 6 MPGs on a 18 wheeler to bring everything to Florida. Rant done, Fuck Off Truck Day.

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