Brady Saves Reimers Ass

By now I’m sure you’re all familiar with this story. WEEI shock jock Alex Reimer calls GOATs daughter rude name on live radio. Well it looks like Alex Reimer finally has some support and who better to get support from than the GOAT. Sure Tom may not be happy with what was said but he also probably realizes that when someone insults the god of football and new England’s offspring there may be some healthy backlash. Brady now going out of his way to say that he doesn’t want to see anyone lose their job may be the only thing that saves this young reporter. Sometimes I feel bad for Reimer, the callers seem to hate the fact that he’s a young healthy gay liberal with valid opinions on many issues. And while he can be kind of a whiny little bitch, He’s managed to hold his own on the top morning show despite being a constant punching bag for Kirk and Callahan. he literally will work any shift WEEI stick him on. He’s been suspended, down graded demoted, promoted, and scape goated.

I believe the team at WEEI is secretly happy this happened as it is now bringing national coverage to their station.

Don’t get me wrong, Reimer calling Brady’s daughter a pissant is the Boston sports equivalent of spray painting Adams cock going into God’s mouth at the Sistene chapel during some sort of holy mass scripture reading event (I’m not that familiar with how church works). But Brady being the god he is seems to be over it and onto bigger things like a certain football game.

Now I’m sure Reimer will fuck up again and maybe in like five more fuck ups they should fire him. But his hot takes are helping ratings now. We all know if this was Minehan it wouldn’t be a big deal and he’d receive nothing more than a slap on the wrist

The only real way to solve this is to send Reimer to media day for a one on one interview with Brady’s daughter.

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  1. DudeHeyChiefGuyMan420 // January 30, 2018 at 2:42 pm // Reply

    Wow big surprise the Northeast liberal elite cry foul from their ivory tower when the slightest jab comes their way. Give me a break Tom tighten that dog collar and get over it

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