Another Reason why Eagle fans are scum on the bottom of the ocean

Another reason why Eagle fans are scum on the bottom of the ocean. I have been to Philadelphia several times and I have to say I enjoy the city. Also, many of the people I met there were fine human beings. I went as both a Red Sox fan and a Mets fan to Citizen Banks Park and never had problems. Phillies fans are knowledgeable baseball loving sports fans. I also met several Flyers fans when they came to Boston for the Winter Classic many moons ago and they were decent people. But there is one type of Philadelphia fan that makes an explosive diarrhea shit on the back of a porter potty seem like a good time and that is the Eagle fan. A good friend of mine went to Jacksonville in 2005 for the first time the Eagles and Patriots played in the Super Bowl and my opinion based on things I have heard and seen match what my friend saw. Animals, pure animals. Its one thing to be proud of your team and support them, but when you act like a criminal, then we have a different story Eagles fans. I dealt with unknowledgeable drunk Jacksonville fans last week, but at least when the game was over they left (or fell) off the stands and went on their merry way. When grown men do what they did to this Vikings fan in the video below, along with boo Santa Clause and throw batteries at people and grease the polls so no one climbs them, holy shit you need help.

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