What AFC Team Has Dominated The league the Most

There has been all this talk about the Patriots being som dominate over the last years and how it is bad for football. Sure it will be nice to see a different team in once in a while, but this isn’t something that just happened the last 15 years. It’s been going on since the league formed and the Patriots are just one of the latest powerhouses.

So I went into some data and started with the AFC. Everyone knows about the NFL with the Cowboys, Giants and 49ers and how much they dominated since the beginning of time, so I wanted to take a look at the AFC and went back to 1960 with the start of the AFL and their championship games. The AFL had their first season in 1960 and didn’t start the Superbowl Games until 1967 in Superbowl 1.

The early days of the AFC are something most people don’t look at pre Superbowl Era, but just for the hell of it, I broke out some stats. Below is a chart showing what team has won the most AFC championships, including pre-Superbowl days. It is clear to see that the Patriots, Steelers, Broncos, Raiders, and Bills take the cake on this. Bills may have never won a Super Bowl, but Prior to the Super Bowl days, they had 2 Championship Seasons.

Next, I wanted to see what AFC teams made it to the AFC game the most. see chart below. For some reason, the only data I could find to easily sum this up started in 1970. It is clear that along with the most wins, the Patriots, Steelers, Broncos, Raiders have been there the most. The Colts and Dolphins each take 7% because the small runs they made over the years.

Next, I wanted to see what teams have made the most Super Bowl appearances both AFC and NFC, see chart below. Its easy to see the Patriots, Steelers, and Broncos own this bad larry. showing up the most in the big game. Notices the teams that never even been there (Jags, Browns, Texans & Lions)


The last chart is Superbowl wins prior to this year. The chart on the right makes up about 66% of all wins and that is made up of 7 teams. The Steelers with 6 and the Patriots, Cowboys, and 49ers with 5 a piece.

So when people say the Patriots just win all the time, its true, but this has been happening in the NFL for years, so chill the hell out Patriots haters and go into a time machine and yellow at the 49ers in the 80’s.

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