Super Bowl 52 is New York’s Worst Nightmare – Patriots vs Eagles

As I stood there all day in section 302 of Gillette Stadium for my 3rd AFC Championship game watching the time ticked down and seeing the Patriots punch their ticket to their 10th Super Bowl, all I could do is smile.

Watching your hometown team win big games is something that doesn’t get old and for a kid growing up in New England and having to watch the Patriots suck every year, I am going to hang on every moment of this Brady, Belichick and Kraft run and rub it in every hater’s face. I had my heart broken on January 26, 1997, almost 21 years ago today. It was the year I really got into the NFL and the Patriots. I was 12 years old and watched preseason, regular season and postseason game. It was a solid year from the Drew Bledsoe and that killer defenses made up of Ty Law and Willie McGinest just to name a few. The Patriots lost Super Bowl 31 on January 26th, 1997 to the Green Bay Packers and to me felt like the biggest let down in the world.

5 years later the Patriots would introduce the world to Tom Brady and on February 3, 2002, I finally got to see the Patriots win the big game at 17 years old. After that year, it has just been a whirlwind of people loving the Patriots and slowly hating them. I guess that what happens when a team is a dominate for as many years as the Patriots are.

On February 6, 2005, the Patriots played Philadelphia at Super bowl 38 and beat them 24-21. In a little less than 2 weeks from today, we will see a rematch of that epic Super Bowl at Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis MN. The only player who will be on the field that was there 14 years ago will be Tom Brady. Bill Belichick, Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels where aslso there, but not at the roles they have today. Wild right?

This now leads me to my next point, Philadelphia fans are animals. Passionate about their sports teams but absolute animals. Patriots fans can be crazy as well and for the people of Minneapolis, you are in for a wild week of shenanigans. I always looked as Boston and Philadelphia as the little brothers of New York. All New York teams as a whole have given Boston and Philadelphia problems in the past. A thorn in our side as we are always trying to keep up with the Yankees, Mets, Giants and all the other teams. This Super Bowl is a New Yorkers worse nightmare. No Matter who wins, it will have to be rubbed in their face and if you are a fan of the NFL and live in New York, you have to pick between two rivals.

If there are any New Yorkers out there reading this blog, I would love to know what team you are rooting for and who is your home team. Leave it in the comment below.

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