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With the Red Sox Season only a hand full of months away, its only right to talk about the easiest way to get to Fenway during game days. For many years I have journeyed to the park and each time tried to figure out a different route before and after the game to avoid the large crowds that pack into a prehistoric subway system.

The world-famous green line is basically your only way. The historic green line was the first underground train system in this fine country when it was installed in the late 1800′s (and it doesn’t look like they have made many changes since). 90 minutes before and after the game us humans are packed in like we are in a cattle car going to the abattoir. Just picture a hot summer day when the AC is struggling to hang on and the humidity in the car is rising so high that at any moment it might start raining inside. But as all us fans know, the train ride is all part of the Red Sox experience.

When I took classes at the BAC, I would have to be in school by 7, which means being on the green line in the peak of Sox travel, going 1 stop before Kenmore while carrying models and art supplies for my architectural class. Then when the class got out at 10 I got the same jamokes coming back, this time drunk and obnoxious. As much as I would get annoyed, I understand its all part of the journey to the Mecca of baseball. One learns to love the train, until that one day I hit the Mass Millions and can afford a limo driver. The best part of the experience is telling an out-of-towner to make sure when they get to the green line, they take the E train to the end and let them know its the quickest way to Fenway Park.

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