The Time Eric and Arty Almost Went to Super Bowl 48 in New Jersey

Eric and I never made it to Super Bowl 48, but this is the wild time we would have had if we did. If you are ever in NYC, feel free to use our pub crawl list we put together as well.

We Are Back

  • So those who have not heard, The Arty & Eric Show is back together at last and to really kick off this relaunch, we are heading to the Super Bowl in NYC, or really New Jersey…..yuck. Since we are Boston based and a stones throw away from the big apple, we decided we will make our journey south. –

The Plan:

  • On Saturday, Feb 1st we will be making our way to our home base in Connecticut around the Milford area. We will be using the Metro North to get us back and forth into the city for the two days. We will record a couple of shows while we are there. One will be at the Marriott Marque hotel in Time Square sometime Saturday and a second later in the day somewhere in Mid-Town. Along with bar crawling, drinking and recording, we will also be doing man on the street stuff asking fans of both the Bronco’s and Sea Hawks how it feels not to have Tommy Brady as their QB.

Follow and Join the Crawl:

  • Follow us on Twitter – @ArtyAndEricShow and find out where we are either drinking or recording on Saturday, Feb 1st and Sunday, Feb 2nd. You can also follow Arty – @DjArty84 & Eric- @_EricPowers to see where we are.

Protective Schedule (Subject to Change):

  • Saturday 2/1/14
  • NYC PUB1
    • 12 noon – Arrive at hotel in Milford Conn
    • 2PM – arrive at Grand Central Station in NYC
    • 2:15PM – Galway Pub more info‎ – 7 East 36th Street
    • 3:30PM – Blaggards Pub more info –  8 W 38th St
    •  4:45PM – Stitch more info – 247 West 37th Street
    • 6:00PM – Marriott Marque Lounge to Record our show – 1535 Broadway
    • 7:45PM – Hurley’s Saloon more info – 232 West 48th Street
    • 9:00PM – Perfect Pint more info – 203 East 45th Street
    • 10:15pM – Overlook more info – 225 East 44th Street
    • From this point on we play it by air. In between each stop we will be grabbing people on the street for interviews for our show.
  • Sunday 2/2/2014 – Super Bowl Day
  • NYC PUB2
    • 11:45AM – Make our way into the city
    • 1:00PM – Firefly more info – 54 Spring Street
    • 2:15PM – Standings more info – 43 East 7th Street
    • 4:00PM – Legends more info – 6 West 33rd Street – Settling in and watch the Super Bowl @6:30pm
    • After the game, who know’s where we will be!

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