Chief Wahoo no More – 4 Years Gone But Never Forgotten

With the baseball season approaching in a few month, I look back on one of the better teams in the last few years, The Cleveland Indians. The Indians, who made the world series in 2016 and the playoffs in 2017, are a team that will be around for a while. When I watch Major League, a movie about the Cleveland Indians, all i can think is how old school that team has always been and one of the most old school parts of the team was Chief Wahoo. Four years ago this season he went bye-bye for good.

The baseball off season usually is pretty dull, specially this time of the year. Usually by the holidays big contracts are signed and changes start to occur in rules once the owners meetings are done. Not until about mid Feb we start getting some pre-season action talk. The Cleveland Indians wanted some action before then and announced today that Chief Wahoo will be saying goodbye.

For those who don’t know, he is the big red face Native American who has been the symbol for the Indians since the 1940’s. After years of pressure from Native American groups and the avoidance of isolating fans, the Indians give in. From a PR perspective, this makes the Indians looks compassionate and progressive, and not just because the play in progressive field. From a money stand point, they get a chance to sell some more stuff. More stuff equals more money, and face it the Indians aren’t making the same money they were back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Times are tough over there in Cleveland. I know they made it to the playoffs this year, but they have falling off the national map a little. This move today might get them in conversation for at least a few months this year.

My opinion on this? Well Chief Wahoo is on the racists side. No other group or race would be characterized like Wahoo, so it is probably the right time to get rid of it. As for the team name, well I think it should stay Indians. Not saying there is any talk on changing the team name anytime soon, but the conversation had been brought up in the past. A name is a name. The Indians or Native Americans in this case are a strong and intimidating group of people, and why wouldn’t you want to name yourself after that?

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