Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft Tell ESPN & Patriots Haters to Screw off

ESPN or as we call it in New England (except Connecticut) Fake Sports News,  is again starting to stir the pot of shit with the Patriots, the New England people, (again, except Connecticut) and the NFL. Seth Wickersham of ESPN, a media blowhard if you will, released a story Friday hinting that there is tension in the clubhouse between the QB, Head coach, and Owner of the New England Patriots and its almost over for them. This ass clown has written stories in the past bashing and being highly critical of the Patriots and this piece of sports fiction is the same.

With any great empire, there will come a fall or a collapse and us Patriots fans know the day will come when the power three-o will all go somewhere else or just die as Patriots, but with any strong force, a foundation to let it live on is usually established. Ever date 3 hot girls at once before? That’s what it’s like with Tommy, Billy, and Bobby. You have to make sure they are all happy and sometimes there is tension, but at the end of the day, you are all loving on each other like a new suit you got at Salvation Army on sale.

Sure, there is tension in the clubhouse. They are all Diva winners and they have every right to have their asses cleaned on demand.  But we all know to keep a force strong and to successfully date 3 hotties at the same time, it takes patience and compromise and these 3 studs have been doing that for 17 years now.

Props to the Patriots for releasing a joint statement telling ESPN to go get blown by a lot lizard in a Bridgeport CT Walmart parking lot. The Patriots are a great team, a great dynasty and will keep winning and continuing pissing off writers at ESPN like Seth Wickersham.

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