The Time Wearing a Dog Shock Collar Was a Good Idea

It was New Years Eve and the Packie crew was at its HQ with myself, President Arty 84, Senior writer Adam “Whirl Wind Report” Mallett, Packie First Lady Suzi J, Former Packie VP Eric Danger Powers and former Packie contributors Ron Doubleback and Matt M. As the night went on and the shots were flowing like the salmon of Capistrano, I had an idea to see who could take the most pain and put on the doggie zap collars. Now we use these collars on our pups, but never the electric zap feature. We just use the vibration feature to help with the training. The first lady and I tested them on ourselves when we got them and couldn’t go past 5 without crying like a baby, so we would never do that to the fur babies, BUT we would do it to our friends.

Matt M went first testing his limits followed by Adam. See the video below and we STRONGLY SUGGEST NOT to try this at home. We are trained professionals for stupidity.

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