Wives Gone Nuts: Wife Bites Off Husband’s Testicle

Image Source: TaniaVdB / 278 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain license.

An excited wife accidentally bit off her husband’s testicle sending him packing to the emergency room early morning Boxing Day.

During an early morning lovemaking session on Boxing Day, a Taiwanese woman accidentally bit off her husband’s testicle. When the emergency paramedics arrived on the scene, they discovered the sad sack of a man with his testicle resting in a bowl of rice. Fortunately for the injured man the crew was professional in terms of protocol, and brought him in for treatment without pausing to troll Gordon Ramsey with pictures of the unfortunate dish.

The man and his wife had been together for several years and already have two children together. While paramedics were able to mend the man’s scrotum, there currently is no word yet on whether time will be able to repair this marriage, or if the husband plans on making like his testicle and severing ties with his wife. While it’s clear he and his wife have a history together, she may have bitten off more than she can chew in terms of what she owes her husband an apology for as her husband’s testicle could not be re-attached due to fear of infection.

The man is courageous, but unfortunately he did not have balls of steel.

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