Top 3 Worst Weeks in the Calendar is this one

Sitting in an office on December 28th is the worst, the only thing worse is sitting in an office December 29th ( I will have to do that too). This is the forgotten week, nothing happens. The news is slow, nothing happens at work the weather is horrible. We are all just trying to get to the long weekend without blowing our brains out.

If only the people behind Big Calendar would create a holiday in between Christmas and New Years so we do not have to suffer at work and have the small chit chat of “how was your holiday?” “Doing anything good for New Years?”. The worst too is the hardo’s who say how NYE is a stupid holiday and they hate it. Guess what I hate it too but telling me you hate it doesn’t make me like you.

Moral of the story, this week sucks there is nothing going on, we are killing time and hopefully not killing each other over shitty office banter.

Oh the 2nd shitty week is the pre and post 4th of July ones when it falls in the middle of the week and you still have to go to work around it, and the 3rd is the week after Labor Day when summer is over and you just have no more summer long weekends to look forward to.


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