Well, nobody can ever call MLB pitcher Cole Hamels a dick ever again.

Texas Rangers pitcher Cole Hamels & his wife decided to donate their 32,000 sq ft $9.4 million dollar mansion to a special needs camp.

Cole and his wife has this home built in Missouri. However, when Cole was traded from the Philadelphia Phillies to the Texas Rangers, they never moved into the dream home. (source)

Jesus christ Cole! Wow, even after a tax deduction that’s still a massive donation. Do have some sexual misconduct allegations coming your way so you decided to be primitive? If so, your plan is genius! It would be hard for anyone to say or believe anything negative about you now. Or maybe he and his wife have bodies buried on the property. The police will never think to look! Isn’t it sad my brain is gravitating toward something negative about this


Oh cool! You wrote a check to a charity organization? Well, I donated a fucking mansion bro!

All kidding aside, this is an amazing act of kindness. While celebs are known to cut massive checks to charity organizations this time of year, these two donated a fucking mansion. Top that!


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