People hating on Band Aid?

So the latest outrage today is the internets streets getting mad about a song that came out in 1984. Not 2004, not 2014 but 1984.

I am not going to comment on the fake “war on Christmas”  People can say whatever they want, I choose to say Happy Festivus as that is the true holiday of the season.

But the thing people have to get over is the human race sucks, especially white people. We as white people are awful but crying outrage about a classic song is just stupid. Honestly, if people focused this energy on something worthwhile we wouldn’t have a pussy grabber in the white house.

What do people think is going to happen? We are going to dig up the body of George Michael and shame him for writing a song that may not be culturally appropriate right now? Sting is too buys being dick deep right now to care about the outrage and Bono has done enough charity that he should get a pass on this nonsense.

I’ll say happy holidays all you people want but don’t take my Christmas songs away!!


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