Keep this science baby away from Roy Moore

(CNN)The longest known frozen human embryo to result in a successful birth was born last month in Tennessee.

Emma Wren Gibson, delivered November 25 by Dr. Jeffrey Keenan, medical director of the National Embryo Donation Center, is the result of an embryo originally frozen on October 14, 1992.
Emma’s parents, Tina and Benjamin Gibson of eastern Tennessee, admit feeling surprised when they were told the exact age of the embryo thawed March 13 by Carol Sommerfelt, embryology lab director at the National Embryo Donation Center.

So if I remember correctly from my Catholic high school days, life begins at conception. Well, this fucking baby is 24 years old then.

Ol Roy horseback found a nice loophole here where he can date a young chick buttttt under Catholic law he’s not breaking any rules.

So the parents of baby Emma keep her out of ‘Bama and most likely keep her away from Woody Allen too.

Is there a shortage of eggs? Why didn’t the Gibsons just use normal 2017 eggs?

Seriously why even do this, the kid is going to have fucked up 90’s dreams, being drawn to 90’s hip hop and a love for NKOTB. They are going to always feel confused about why no one is using a VCR and what all these channels on the t.v are.

Josh Gaad will play the kid who is always drawn to 90’s outfits and asking people where the records are and then he will meet some hipster chick so he will finally feel at home.

2018 Movie of the summer : 90’s Baby

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