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Sports Cameramen Meeting

The boardroom fills with bearded mem. Men who have seen so much war. Well not really war, but a lot of war movies. As well as art movies and nature documentaries. They even watched German Art House movies to impress that German exchange student from sophomore year in their European Film History Class. She was absent for their presentation. Bitch.

The head of the production speaks.

“Boys we are here about the proceedings for our upcoming games. Baseball cameras, what’s our status?”

“We have 1000 hours of footage for one team. And still only a quarter of the way through the season”

“Excellent. With this amount of footage, we’ll edit it down to a highlight reel by 2040. Football, you?”

“Sir, we have footage of helmets clashing into one another. But not of their heads moving. Should we tell Goodell?”

“Sure, let’s see how many rugs he can put it under. NASCAR, what about you”

NASCAR couldn’t answer. The dizziness from watching cars go around in a track caused them to fill buckets of their insides. If only a car crash could help break up the tension.

“Must mean he’s working hard”, replied the head of production. “Now remember boys, let’s go out there and try to capture the feeling as men in their prime slowly lose millions by unfixable injuries. HORRAH!!!”

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