Lebron James the Grumpy Old Man the NBA needs

Lebron has been a lot of things in his career. Choker. MVP. Traitor.MVP.MVP.MVP. Champion. Lately, he has been punching bag from other stars like Steph doing is the mockery of Lebron at a wedding and Kyrie straight begging and pleading to leave the ‘Land. Well, Lebron hated that narrative and has become the grumpy old man of the league, tapping into his inner Kobe or MJ and hating everyone and everything.

He called the President a bum. Now he’s going at an even more powerful entity…the Kardashians. Last season he was not a fan of his man Tristian hanging with known NBA killer Khloe Kardashian. Well, now that he put his power forward seed in the beast Lebron is letting it known he hates the camera crews being around calling them the “Shit Show”
. Love that he did it on his public IG too, luckily it wasn’t during ZeroDark23 or we would have never known he hates it.

I love grumpy Lebron, I want him to go full Larry David and hate everyone and do it publicly. Just be an all-around angry person and complain about every little thing off the court maybe even do it in a Larry way too.




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