How many 5 year olds could you take out?

On a day like today when the world is at its most fucked up we need an escape. So to the 6 people who read these blogs, I ask you one question.

You are put into a room with no escape, and there is one small door that only opens once every 60 seconds. Every 60 seconds a 5-year-old child walks in and its objective is to take you down. How many waves of 5-year-old bloodlust children can you take out?

Keep in mind no one is given weapons and you are not given any performance enhancers. It is just you vs a n5-year-old every 60 seconds. I personally think I can get through 30 waves before I get fatigued and start having to face two or three at a time and then I go down in 40 total waves.

How creepy is that kid in the picture too?image001

Packie faithful what do you think?



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