The Hustler, Or Just the Aggressive Loner

“Hey bro I suck at this”, I said.

The white ball flies off the table as its jousted. Bam! Instant scratch!

“Yup, you sure do”, he replies back. He walks away, back to some girl too rich for my blood.

Damn, I think. As the foremost pool champion, I need to get my rocks off. And they haven’t even lifted off he ground. Rocks are grounded.

As the former pool champion of 2006 (you may have seen my ad for adult light up sneakers in the Ukraine) I need a challenger. But they need to take the bait. And baby, the bait ain’t biting.

Wait, no, bait doesn’t bite, you use bait to get bites. Yup these biters ain’t biting. But wait, if they’re not biters aren’t they then clasped?

Anyway, who wants to challenge the guy bad at pool?!?!? C’mon, I totally suck. Come out wherever you are.

Go up to some Alpha male ordered pike (more fishing references).

“Hey man you good at this” tossing my wood to him.

“Naw dude pool isn’t my game”

“Same here. Let’s see who’s the best”

“I’m good. Hope you have a good night”

He walks away. Damn I wish I was fishing.              Billiards

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