We live in a world where Roger Goodell is a decent guy

I know that loon said the world was ending today but Hell has frozen over because Roger Goodell is a better person than the leader of the free world.

Roger had to come to the defense after Trump attacked the players for expressing free speech. He also broke off the meeting with Steph Curry after Steph said he didn’t want to go. The old fire them after they quit routine, you know the stuff they do on tv. Our president uses shitty sitcom situations in real life.

I’d never thought I would see the day where Roger Goodell defends the players publicly. He’s now the cool principal to the players. He’s the white guy in a black movie whose the villain but try’s to dap up the guys awkwardly. He’s going to ask all the players to take snapchats with him now.

Good for Donny he learned a lot from Vince McMahon about how to turn a guy heel to baby face.

Wrestlemania 35 Don vs Roger!!.

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