Friday, It’s Thanksgiving & I Love Chinese Food – Patrice Wilson Classics Reviewed

I sit there and ponder the internet sometimes and think to myself, what the fuck is going on? I love YouTube and spend a lot of time watching some really good stuff like my buddy Jake on Bright Sun Films, and then I watch terrible things like The Friday Song Rebecca Black and I Love Chinese Food song by Alison Gold. Oh, and don’t forget about Its Thanksgiving by Nicole Westbrook.

Now, who is behind all these terrible songs? It is the number one user of small girls who want to be famous, Mr. Patrice Wilson. Patrice calls himself a “producer”. I guess if you take really bad Casio beats and take a few girls who all they want to do is be Katy Perry, then you can call yourself a producer.

I wanted to break some on these bad songs down. First one is Alison Gold’s I Love Chinese Food which could be one of the most racist songs I have ever seen. First off Patrice is in this video dressed as a panda bear. She literally does every stereotype for a Chinese person in this song and it’s very uncomfortable. What makes this song great is that it has 66K likes on YouTube and a whopping 258K dislikes. Her follow-up song that came out March of 2016 called Shush Up only has 707 likes and nice 10K dislikes. Patrice, you are doing something great.

The next classic is Its Thanksgiving where Patrice shows up again, this time dressed up as turkey. Now the Adam Sandler Thanksgiving song is a classic, Patrice Wilson is like a plane crash into a mountain. Who the hell has been this excite4d about Thanksgiving except for gambling fools in Vegas betting on the Cowboys. “January was New Years, April was April and now it’s Thanksgiving” and “its Thanksgiving and we are going to have a good time, the turkey”. Now if this song was being sung on Sesame Street, I would understand, but no the target audience is middle schoolers. All I can say is Yikes!

The last classic is Friday by Rebecca Black, not to be confused with the movie Friday which is awesome. You probably already heard this song a million times so no need to rip it. Just listen to another Patrice Wilson’s greatest hit.

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