Over 50,000 Americans Join Facebook Group to “Shoot” Hurricane Irma

As American as it gets.

Thousands of Americans plan on shooting at Hurricane Irma as it arrives in Florida.

What could be more American, or perhaps more Florida than this? Thousands of Florida natives are planning on shooting at Hurricane Irma as it’s treacherous winds reach landfall. According to The Sun, Floridians are doing this to show that “In Florida we shoot first.”. Irma is considered the most powerful hurricane recorded in history, and has already killed over 20 people in the Caribbean. “This is our home!” One Facebook user wrote, before continuing to post an arsenal of weapons. “Locked n’ loaded.” said another.

This widespread event has prompted a response from the  Pasco County Sheriff’s Office in the form of a tweet:

Whether or not the Sheriff’s advice will be listened to or not is another thing entirely.

In a match-up the likes we haven’t seen since World War II, the most powerful country on earth takes on the most powerful hurricane. I’m not a betting man, but it is safe to say that Vegas would likely be siding with the good ol’ USA.



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