New Song, Old Tricks. Taylor Swift Continues to Blame Everyone Else.

Taylor Swift: Courtesy of Wiki Commons

Taylor Swift has long been critiqued for laying the blame on everyone but herself in her song lyrics. Her latest hit single Look What You Made Me Do offers little to no departure from this pattern as the song title suggests. You’re an adult woman. Nobody is capable of making you do anything. It’s never, ever Taylor’s fault in her eyes at least according to her songs. From broken relationships to various disputes with other pop culture figures, she always paints herself as the victim. The real victim here are the parents of her hordes of tween fans who will have to hear this sh*t on repeat for the next several weeks until it loses it’s relevancy.

As the ancient Hawaiians used to teach: If everyone you meet is an asshole, it’s probably you that is the problem.

Edit: Hearing this at the gym for the seventieth time this week gave birth to this rant.

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