Naughty Nurses Strike


Denver Health Medical Center, Denver Colorado. Image courtesy of Wiki Commons.

Yo HO HO And a Dead man’s Dong! Five Naughty Denver Colorado Nurses Suspended for Checking Out Deceased Man.


Ladies, if you are really desperate to see some junk do not do something that could put your career in jeopardy; Brett Farve is only a tweet away! Brett Farve jokes aside, this is not something you would expect to hear. I would imagine that there would have to have been something abnormal if five of these ladies took it upon themselves to open up a body bag and take a peek. According to the UK’s Independent report on the story these naughty nurses were caught because they were overheard discussing it. The report also claims that they took a look while he was incapacitated before he died. The hospital informed the family of the matter. Things are tough enough when you lose a loved one, I could only imagine what additional upset that would cause the family. I also would never want to be in the position of that staff member (pun intended). Can you imagine how that conversation must have went?



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