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Bartenders In New Hampshire Need Study Drugs, Reality Checks, Or A Smack In The Face

A Passage from a Reader: BostonFan395

Ive been going to UNH for awhile now and any bar thats not in Portsmouth, Durham, or basically anywhere with normal fucking people living there is just a terrible experience. If you dont abuse painkillers or have some stupid fucking phrase tattooed on your neck, you get served like a 17 year old at a family party. With all due respect, there are some great places to drink in NH, but I have not yet found a hole in the wall type place like you can find anywhere in Boston. Not only do the bartenders usually suck, they are the slowest humans on earth. If I owned a bar, which would never be in New Hampshire unless it was in Hampton, Manch, or Durham, everyone would be taking adderoll.

I was at a bowling alley in Dover, probably a year ago and this perc-head lady bartender was implementing a “one drink per ID” rule. Not only could you not get 2 beers at a time, which is crazy when bowling/trying to get a drink in between rounds, but you actually had to show your ID every time. How about handing out some fuckin wristbands or take notice of the 20 people in there at a time. And they look at Mass IDs like their a fucking pokemon card. So I go up, ask for 2 budlights, like a normal 21 year old college student and she looks at me like I have a dick on my forehead and goes “how about 1?”. As Im waiting, wicked confused at her response, literally a women pregnant with her cousins baby or McDonalds, comes up and orders a pitcher. I was rip shit. Didnt know they had pitchers.

The baby was fucked either way from looking at her, so I didnt care about a pregnant lady getting served, shoot your shot lady. But the bartender? Im still not over it. So I go “you can buy a pitcher but not two budlights?” and she continues her little junky attitude and goes “ya hun a pitcher counts as 1 drink”

So many things wrong with this… any business minded employee would maybe want to sell two budlights instead of a pitcher? I got a C- in economics but selling 2 single budlights vs. a pitcher is more fuckin money. If they got in trouble for overserving or whatever and that actually was a rule, okay ill deal with the one drink rule.. but holy fuckin shit dont serve a pregnant lady a pitcher right after without some sort of formal explanation.

I am still SO confused. Dover Bowling Alley… smell ya
From: BostonFan395 on 9-6-17


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