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Who cares what the Red Sox are Doing off the field!

The radio media in Boston lately (98.5 the sports hub in particular) have sounded like a bunch of little kids on the play ground trying to stir the pot of aggression. The has been some issues about David Price and his run in with former Red Sox pitcher and currently NESN broadcaster, Dennis Eckersley, but who cares. The Red Sox are the second best team in the American League and the 6th best in all the Majors. David Price, despite starting the season late is 5-3 with 63 strike outs over 11 starts. Last year he was 17-9 so I say he is worth the money. The club house obviously gets along because it seems with the latest report, several players on the plane had Price’s back while confronting Eckersley, including Pedroia .

As long as the team is winning and they are getting along internally, I don’t give a crap about the poor sports media all butt hurt that the team doesn’t like them. If I was John Farrell, I would kick the media out of the locker room and make them take their own planes to games for a little while.

The worse is the Boston morning show, Toucher and Rich. These two dinks who only fell into the market because the better Opie and Anthony moved to mornings and WBCN at the time needed a fill in spot for afternoons. Then when BCN converted to sports, they were lucky enough to come along. They know an average amount about sports and should leave sport talk to the mid day and afternoon shows and go get a job with a Mix station in town. Amp 103 or The River could use some whiny talk show hosts. The funny thing is, these boobs rip on Amy Lawernce who does the overnights and make fun when she talks about what meats you will be cooking for the 4th, but then Toucher goes on for hours talking about shaving his chest and hanging at the JCC pool in Newton.

The point of the matter is, the Red Sox are winning so stop trying to find things to talk about in the summer when sports talk is slow. When they start crashing and falling out of playoff contentions, then feel free to criticize, but stop creating a shit stir because your station doesn’t have the radio contract with the Red Sox. Toucher, when Price takes the field tomorrow night, he won’t be booed, because Sox fans are not like your fellow Michigan people who are so miserable about life, they have to get their aggression out on other people. Also, do you have to be a dick to your staff on the air? who do you think you are Opie Hughes?

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1 Comment on Who cares what the Red Sox are Doing off the field!

  1. 1. People should care. It can turn into a potential distraction in the locker room. Hopefully this 4-6 stretch isn’t a result.
    2. 17-9 with an E.R.A of almost 4.00 last year. Not worth $30 mil a year. For that kind of money I expect him to pitch like Chris Sale is right now. Plus he should be able to pitch in the playoffs.
    3. I hope he gets booed. Fans should always boo whiney overpaid bitches.
    4. If the manager actually had control of this team none of this would have happened.

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