Penguin Proposal

It was a long time coming but your’ s truly, Arty 84 finally popped the question to the First Lady Suzi the other day. It was a well-planned endeavor with a little bit of luck to make sure every detail was done correctly. The day started with a drive down to Mystic Connecticut to the Mystic Aquarium. Suz and I signed up for the Penguin Encounter that is offered to do. During the encounter you have a 1 on 1 meet and greet with a penguin. The 1 on 1 are typically groups of 10 but the we got lucky and there was only 4 people in the group. After the hour long experience there was enough time left for a quick picture and that is when I popped the question.

The day ended with a late lunch over at the mystic seaport at Latitude 41 and then a ride back to Boston.

Suz and I have been dating for 18 months now and met in January of 2016 while I was bartending in Revere and she was up from New Orleans for work. We both moved to DC with each other last summer and stayed there until December of 2016 when we moved back to Boston. We planned on getting married in December of 2018 somewhere Boston North, so stayed tuned for details on the greatest wedding to crash. There will be fist pumping, blow outs and lots of people speaking without using R’s.

View the Proposal: 

Big thanks to Mystic Aquarium and of course the Penguin Mrs. Red Blue who is a 29 year old female penguin who has been at the Aquarium since 1988. We learned that Red Blue has been with the same Penguin since she was 3 and his name is Mr. Red Green. Next time you are at the Mystic Aquarium, keep an eye out for those two.

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