Celtics Game 5 – Do or Die for the Green Team

TD Garden, Boston, MA – 5/25/17

For the second time in two weeks, the Boston Celtics are in a do or die game here at the TD Garden. Lebron on and the Cavs come to town to try to close out this series and the Celtics will have to pull out all their tricks to force a game 6. Tuesday night the Celtics put up a pretty damn good fight, leading by 16 in the first half, but the game slowly got away from them as the second half progressed.

How do you win?

They need to limit Lebron as they did in the first half of last game and get him in foul trouble.

They need an answer for Irving who hit 20 plus points in the 3rd quarter comeback last game alone.

Law of averages with Love. He is bound to miss a 3 pointer sooner or later

Keep up with the Cavs. If they are going to score, then you need to score

Take advance of turnovers. For every time the Cavs miss a shot, here is your chance to go up and increase your lead.

Don’t play dumb. If you have the lead, no need for 3’s. take it slow and chip away

With that all said, as a Celtic fan, you have to watch tonight’s game and just hope for the best, and if they lose, well at least you have a first overall pick and are ahead of schedule by at least a year. Good luck Celtics #letsgoceltics

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