Manny Machado speaks his mind after Red Sox throw at him again. This feud is awesome!

Never a dull moment in the 2017 season between these two teams. Orioles 3B Manny Machado gets thrown at again. After the game he has some choice words for the Red Sox.  I absolutely love it. This feud is great.

While entertaining as hell, it’s starting to get a little ridiculous. This whole thing started on 4/21 when Machado took a spike high slide into second base that hit Dustin Pedroia. Pedroia would leave the game and miss the next three. Two days later Red Sox reliever Matt Barnes throws at Machado.  Retribution must be paid. This is the normal thing to do. Barnes wasn’t in the wrong for throwing at Machado. However, he was wrong for throwing at his head. That’s a 90mph fastball dude! It’s a freakin weapon. Aim from the waist down.

Everything over? We good guys? Nope, Orioles starter Dylan Bundy hits Mookie Betts in the hip on Monday night. I’ll give the Orioles credit, this was ballsy. In this situation, hitting Betts brought the tying run to the plate. This gives the Orioles deniably that it was intentional, but the Orioles also knew damn well just how shitty the Red Sox offense has been. They took a gamble doing this and the Red Sox didn’t capitalize.

Times like these I miss David Ortiz. If he was the next batter up, there was a good chance that next pitch would find it’s way over the right field bullpen. He’d make them pay. Hell, maybe he would have finally hit that damn impossible Ted Williams seat that always taunted him.

Tuesday night Orioles CF Adam Jones received a standing ovation from Red Sox fans when he stepped to the plate. This is an entirely separate situation that I might address in a separate article. I will say that this was truly a nice gesture from Red Sox fans. Good job guys! I only bring it up because at that moment I thought this was a sign that everything had finally cooled off. The fans showed great respect. Retributions had been paid. Time to start over guys. Jones strikes out. Machado walks to the plate. What happened next we all should have expected. Chris Sale does his Chris Sale thing and throws a 98mph fastball behind the knees of Machado. HAHAHA, I guess we are back to square one. Machado would get his revenge off Sale later in the game with a two run Homerun. However, Machado had plenty to say after the game. “I mean, if you’re going to f—ing hit me, hit me. Go ahead. F—ing hit me,” Machado said. “Don’t let this s— keep lingering, f—ing around and keep trying to hit people. It’s f—ing bulls—.”  He would also go on to say how he lost respect for the organization.

This shit should have ended. I truly thought the ovation that Jones got would have been the perfect starting over point for everyone. Now, this will go on.  I love it though. You can’t deny how awesome it is to watch two teams completely hate each other. Hate can be a powerful motivator in any sport. It elevates players to a different level of athleticism.

After looking at the schedule, I noticed they face off for three games in mid/late September. That could have possible playoff implications! Lets hope so. I’m sure it will be great baseball.

– Adam Mallett

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