The Arty 84 Show & Packie’s 6th Annual Boston Pub Crawl- TODAY!

Its finally here. It was suppose to be on St. Pats Day, but we got snowed out! That’s OK, Because the weather is awesome today in Boston and we can hop like the Easter Bunny and drink like St Pat.

Catch us at any point today in Boston and have a drink with us

Play the Pub Crawl Pitcher Challenge with us and win a prize:

Rules: on the pub crawl with us, try to get as many of these pictures as possible and post it to social media with #Arty84ShowPubCrawlChallenge with a comment saying what number picture you got

Picture Challenges:

  1. A team member kissing a bald man’s head
  2. A team member with a bra over their shirt
  3. Your entire team in a human pyramid
  4. A team member posing with someone with an instrument
  5. A team member with a visible lipstick print on their face
  6. A team member posing with someone in uniform
  7. A team member planking
  8. A team member doing (or providing) a body shot
  9. A chalk outline on the ground in Broadway Square
  10. Your team doing the YMCA (strangers can be used if needed)
  11. Someone with a chain wallet
  12. A chugging contest between (2+) team members
  13. A team member hugging the bouncer at Sissy K’s
  14. A team member taking a mirror reflection selfie
  15. A team member sitting on a toilet
  16. A clock displaying 11:11
  17. Graffiti in a bathroom
  18. A team member petting a dog (taken tonight)
  19. A team member Posing with a Boston Statue
  20. A team member posing with the guy who sells flowers

Chick here for the Facebook Event Link

Well See you there! txt Arty at 781-241-2941 is you have any questions

The Pres Arty 84 |Arty’s Twitter |Arty’s Facebook

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