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United – or Should we say Un-United? United Airlines Flight 3411

This is not breaking news. By now everyone in the world now knows about how one of the United States largest airlines treats paying customers. Now I understand that there is something we sign before we fly that says they are able to bump you from a flight, but after everyone has already boarder? Sounds a little fishy to me.

To top it off, the incident it was to accommodate flight crew. Now i spent some time with flight crew people at my old job and I know for a fact that anyone who is a pilot or flight attendant can fly any domestic airline for free. Why didn’t United just arrange with one of their partners or competitors and get these four people on another flight?

In addition, why was such force used? If United really wanted to make a stand, they should of just grounded the flight until someone gave in. Say “hey we are really sorry but we really need x amount of people to leave other wise we can’t take off”. After a 2 hour show down, I’m sure someone would give in, I know I would probably do so.

Also why did they stop at an $800 vulture, which are bullshit anyways. They give you an $800 but you have to book through their website and we all know that when you book through the website its like 10 times more then a third party site. I would of been, “yea make it $1500 and tomorrow and I want a first class seat”. Boom, I would of spent another night in the great city of Louisville getting my drink on.

Also for the guy getting dragged out, I understand you are literally getting dragged out of a plane, but come on man, were you being a tad over-reactive? Dude was screaming like he was loosing his arm at a hot dog factory grinding machine. Also why would you even get back on that plane? I would of said fuck you, I want my money back and I’ll see your dying airline in court.

Lastly the biggest D-bag of them all, the CEO Oscar Munoz who is the face of #unitedairlines #united – his response to what happen on #flight3411 is terrible. No one should fly with this airline. People should be treated as humans not animals. You should be ashamed Mr. Munoz. You did nothing to save face of your company and investors and stock holders should pull out.

Don’t waste your money on United. You get nickle and dime on EVERYTHING. Their rates are above other brands. I have dealt directly with their flight crew and I would say at least half are rude and entitled. I guess their leader Oscar Munoz would be proud.

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