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Quest to be a Boston Red Sox Beat Writer – Day 17

Century Link Sports Complex, Ft. Myers  Florida – 3/19/17

Red Sox 8 – Twins 13


Spring training games are much different then regular season games in regards to when a game starts to get out of hand. In the regular season, a team might get to a pitcher early, but typically the bullpen can calm things down. In spring training, the starters usually do alright and hold the team to a handful of runs and then the minor leaguer’s come in and cause trouble.

Today Pomeranz pitched for the Sox and things don’t look too good. After only 2 innings, Pomeranz had to leave the game with a soar arm. We already have one pitcher, David Price, on the DL for the start of the season and can not afford to have another prospective starter to join the list. In his 2 innings pitched, Pomeranz let up 3 runs off 2 hits 3 walks and only got 1 strike out. Ross Jr. on the Red Sox did the rest of the damage letting up 5 runs off 5 hits.

As for the hitting, Ramirez and Brentz both got home runs. The Sox went 4-12 with runners in scoring position and left 9 on base. Ramirez and Hernandez both went 2 for 3 but it wasn’t enough in the 8-13 loss for the Bean Town Boys.

The Red Sox play again Monday 3/20/17 at 1:05 PM EST against the Orioles at Jet Blue Park in Ft. Myers Florida. Red Sox pitcher Kyle Kendrick will take on Oriloles pitcher Vidal Nuno.

The save the Citco Sign petition right now almost  17K and climbing. Rumor has it that the rent for the Citco sign will go up to over 2 million a year. This is tragic to any Red Sox fan who has grown to associate Fenway Park and baseball with the giant flashing red gas station brand sign at Kenmore square. I ask all fans of baseball to please go to and take a second to sign and Save The Citco Sign!


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