Quest to be a Boston Red Sox Beat Writer – Day 7


Ed Smith Stadium, Sarasota, Florida – 3/1/17

Red Sox 5 – Orioles 12

Well Henry Owens is on he mound, so jump off the Tobin because it will be less painful. I honestly do not think this kid has the stuff for the big leagues. A dominate minor league player, but when you are getting knocked around by an opponents B and C squad, you have issues. Ownes pitched 2 innings and gave up 4 hits, 4 earned runs, walked 3 and got his ERA up to a wonderful 113.50. If you ask me know, I don’t think this guy is making it to Fenway in April.

On a plus note, the Red Sox batting is starting to come alive. Benintendi had a home-run in the 1st inning. The team combined for 10 hits but only managed to get 5 runs out of the deal. They are still leaving men on base like is a hobby of theirs. Today they left 9 and were 2-6 with runners in scoring position, not good.

The Red Sox play again Thursday 3/2/17 at 1:05 PM EST against the Tampa Bay Rays at Jet Blue Park. Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriquez will take on Rays  pitcher Jose DeLeon. This will be a big outing for Rodriquez in regards of trying to get a starting role this year, specially if the latest David Price injury sits him for the entire 2017 season.

We found out today that David Price might be out for a prolonged period of time. Sourness in his forearm is what Manager John Farrell is saying about Price. We shall wait and see what comes of this. Nothing like paying 30 million this year for a guy who won’t contribute at all.

Then we find out the building the has the Citco sign on it is being sold. Boston University who currently owns the building is selling it to a private buyer. Rumor has it that the rent for the Citco sign will go up to over 2 million a year. This is tragic to any Red Sox fan who has grown to associate Fenway Park and baseball with the giant flashing red gas station brand sign at Kenmore square. I ask all fans of baseball to please go to and take a second to sign and Save The Citco Sign!


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  1. Hmmm, it’s more likely Price has soreness in his vagina.

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