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Quest to be a Boston Red Sox Beat Writer – Day 3


Jet Blue Park, Ft Myers Florida – 2/25/17

Red Sox 8 – Twins 7

We continue to take a look into what Red Sox pitching will be this year. As I said before, this is the biggest wild card for the team this year. Do they have enough to get them to the playoffs again? Do they have the bullpen to take them deep into a playoff game? Yesterday afternoon Ronenis Elias has a decent outing, pitching 2 innings giving up 1 earned run, which just so happened to be a home run from Byung-ho Park. Park ended up up with 2 home runs during this game. The red Sox ran into trouble during the 3rd inning where Tyler Thronburg gave up 4 earned runs bringing is early spring ERA to a nice Tedy Bruschi (54.00).

After the 4th inning, the Sox defenses settled down and the offense took over the rest of the game with 7 players with RBI’s including 3 from Brian Boguesvic (possibly a big offensive impact this year?) Yesterday was also a nice day for Mookie Betts going 2 for 3 with 2 runs scored.

With day 3 in the books, it is still very tough to see what kind of team we are dealing with this year. The Red Sox spring training record almost never reflects actually how good they do during the regular season. All we can do as sports fans is hope the Red Sox figure out the long plan for the year and  make it back into the playoffs again this year.

The Red Sox play again Sunday 2/26/17 at 1:05 PM EST against the Tampa Bay Rays at Charlotte Sports Center where Red Sox pitcher Hector Velazquez will take on Rays pitcher Chris Archer. This will be the first match up of a fellow AL East rival. The Rays are looking to possible be the 4th in the east this year, but never sleep on Tampa, they never seem to disappoint.

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