Quest to be a Boston Red Sox Beat Writer – Day 1

Boston MA – 02/24/17


It has always been my dream to be a beat writer for a Boston sports team. My first love of the Boston sports empire was the Boston Red Sox, listening to the games on the AM radio with my grandfather as a young kid. When I grew a little older I learned about box scores in the paper, then a few years later the internet came around and I was able to get everything I needed Red Sox related at a click of the finger. I had become obsessed with the Boston Red Sox.

One summer I kept my own stats for the team in an old-school ring notebook, trying to watch every game that was on regular TV (TV38, 25 and 68 before the full time NESN days). I went to my first game at the age of 5 in 1989 and have been too over 200 MLB games since then. In 2013 I completed a lifelong goal to see all 3o ball parks before I was 30 years old. I succeeded seeing 33 ball parks in 29 years 1 month. That same year in 2013, I was a finalist for the MLB Fan Cave and made it to the final 50. After the loss in the contest, I started my own sports blog that you are reading right now.

My goal this season is to write on every game starting today. Watching all 182-regular season, spring training and post season games live might be a bit of a challenge, but thank god for DVR and MLB.TV. I hope you will following me through the year as a write in different situations and different times in my life during the year. I hope you find this column entertaining and maybe, just maybe main stream media will pick this up and I would be able to have my dream job as a beat writer for a major Boston sports team. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well.


Jet Blue Park, Ft Myers Florida – 2/23/17

Red Sox 9 – Huskies 6

Today is the day that trumps all others in the year. Its better then pitchers and catchers arriving, or the first mandatory work out for the players, it’s the first day the boys play against a team that isn’t their own. The first spring training game for the Red Sox every year is usually against a Boston area college, down in Florida for their spring training for spring train of their own. This year Spring training game 1 goes to the Northeastern Huskies on a nice 74-degree day in front of 7,608 fans.

As a college baseball player, with hopes and dream to become a big leaguer, playing against the home town professional team would be the greatest mountain yet far. To top it off, playing in their big-league spring training park to-boot! Now this is usually a game where the Sox will play some of their minor-league prospects or big leaguers coming back from an injury I.E. Sandoval, who got a hit and a run with 2 at bats by the way.

The Red Sox pitcher Brian Johnson got the call first, pitching 2.0 innings with 1 walk and 3 strikes outs. Starting pitcher Jahn on the Huskies lasted 3 innings letting up 6 earned runs off of 4 hits and 4 walks. In total the Sox used 8 pitchers, with Shepherd getting the W for the boys in white and red. On the other side of the diamond, Northeastern used 4 pitchers giving up a total of 9 earned runs and 1 home run, hit by Red Sox first basemen Mitch Moreland.

In total the Sox got the rust off their swings and combined for a total of 9 earned runs off of 8 hits. Now I do realize this is a college team that is comparable to about the Double-A Sea Dogs, but it is the first game of the season and a great place to start. The Red Sox play their first major league team today at 1:05 PM EST against the New York Mets at Jet Blue Park where Red Sox pitcher Henry Owens will take on Mets pitcher Seth Lugo.

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