Taking Dump Becomes Young Mother’s ‘Me Time’

(Brownsville, TX) – A young mother of two-year-old twins reports that her daily bowel movement is now the only time she gets alone anymore.  Peggy Botham, 27, says she looks forward to her regular purges, as a way to spend time with herself. “Sometimes I catch up on texts, but mostly I just go deep within. It can be truly meditative. I’ve come to some profound insights this way.”  Settling in for a long winter’s crap, she adds:  “We all need a little time to unwind, and since Jessica and Jeremy were born, this is all I get.  The thing about hard times  is that they teach you to appreciate the little things in life. I’m really grateful that my movements are so regular. I eat extra fiber now, just so I’m guaranteed my little sit-down.”

But this cherished tranquility actually isn’t guaranteed, the exhausted looking redhead admits. Indeed, in the midst of her current fragment mound, a child’s voice can be heard outside the door: “Mommy, Jeremy  just fell and hit his head. He’s not moving!”  With an audible sigh, Botham heavily rises up from her perch, the project presently aborted.  “I’ll have to get back to this later,” she says with exasperation.  “If not today, tomorrow.”

  by staff writer, J.J. Donahue          

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